Some startups are having a struggle on how can they get their app ideas into the fingertips of the users right away. And let’s admit that when building a startup, perfect timing to launch your business is a key to win venture capitalists, test your business model and be able to iterate really quick. Though we know that there’s a lot of UI Kit available all over the internet, this version that we created is just something that you may use if you are planning to build a chat mobile application or maybe other related application with a chat function embedded on it.

To give you a clearer view of how can we help you build your viable product using this UI Kit, kindly check some ideas below:

  1. Use the UI Kit as your own and feel free to customize it based on your visual identity
  2. Speed up design process by using premade elements from this UI Kit to your original project file
  3. Use the UI Kit as your starting point in designing your product’s interface
  4. Upload your finished sketch file to so your developers can have a full documentation of your design. Just for a quick introduction about zeplin, it’s a collaboration tool for designers and developers. Designer uploads the design through zeplin plugin and developer will be able to see detailed information for each elements and easily export assets.

Take note that the designs we created are inspired from different projects in Dribbble and Behance. If you’re ready to download the file, kindly click on the Download button below.