If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time

Steve Jobs

01  Discovery

We collaborate with clients and ask the right questions in order to set the goals of the project. Know as much information as we can and use it for the project.

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02  Sketch Ideas

We incubate raw ideas of the clients to create whole strategy plan for the project. Listing down options with consideration of their technical, business and user aspects.

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03  Design Process

In this stage, we implement the incubated ideas visually. We do different ways to engineer each details of the design based on what is needed.

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04  Test & Iteration

We create low and high fidelity prototypes to test the product. This stage helps us to know how usable the product is. There are possibilities for us to gain more opportunities for business growth as well. Lots of decision making happen here, if we need to go back to a certain stage or proceed with the implementation.

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05  Implementation

In this stage, we implement the overall design using the latest technology for ease of use. We partnered with development agencies and freelancers to be flexible in terms of cost and timeframe for every projects.

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06  Launching & Support

We don’t leave our clients out of nowhere. We provide continuous support before, during and after your product launch. The game has just started and we need to keep on evolving for better future.

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